Thursday, July 12, 2012

Butterfly Baby Footprints!

One of the sweetest things about a little baby are those sweet little feet!  

From the first time you feel a kick 
to first time 
you see them in an ultrasound. 
They make a print on your life 
that makes your heart melt.

When they're born, 
they love to kick 
and twirl those
sweet little feet!

Sweet Little Baby Feet - They are my new obsession!  Everyday they grow bigger and I cannot get enough prints and impressions!
The best gifts can be made from those sweet little baby feet too!
For Mother's Day, I made butterfly prints on canvas with my nearly 2 year old and 5 month old.
It was very easy & with the help of my husband it did not take long at all!
This one was made for my Mama on Mother's day but my kids know her has Nannie!

Here's how to do it.

You will need
  • A Canvas-Hobby Lobby has great prices on theirs
  • Paints-I chose washable finger paint
  • Paper Plate
  • Sponge or Paintbrush or spaghetti
  • Scrap paper
  • Paper Towels/baby wipes
  • Modge Podge or desired sealant(optional)
How to
  1. Pour about a quarter size or so of paint in a paper plate.  Repeat with each color pouring it under the previous color.(like stacking a snowman but with dobs of paint)  I chose more pinks for a girl and more blues for a boy.
  2. Take a paint brush(or spaghetti)and swirl the colors just a bit.
  3. Before you dip your child's foot in the paint, practice placing their foot on the canvas to see how they will do..exp. some may squeeze their toes in or kick!  If you they will not cooperate get your spouse or someone to help you.
  4. If you need help, one of you sit Indian style and hold the kid in your lap while the other one guides the foot.
  5. Lightly dip their foot in the swirled paint & test/blot on scrap paper.  You don't want to press too hard but just firm enough.  I lightly placed my kid's foot and lightly tapped the top of the foot..but this has to be done quickly if they are wiggly! 
  6. The right foot goes to the left side and the left foot should slightly overlap by the heels, on the right as pictured above.  
  7. Use the baby wipes to wipe the paint from the baby feet so it doesn't get eaten & when they're all cleaned up, go back and paint the butterfly body.  I didn't put the ages on here, but it would have been nice to add.
  8. Optional-To seal, apply modge podge over the dried painting.

Have fun with your butterfly feet creations!

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